An anthem for the Epiphany or any other time between Christmas and Good Friday.

Click the PLAY arrow on the little music console below to hear a MIDI file of my first ever serious musical composition. Hey, even Mozart started somewhere. OK, so he was only 5 -- but he didn’t have to learn HTML first.

<BGSOUND src="LightDawn3MB8va.mid" autostart=false loop=false>

I updated this composition in 2010 based on 7 years of auto-didactic (trial-and-error) composition lessons. Play the updated version while you follow the lyrics on the original score below.

<BGSOUND src="LightDawn42.5mid.MID.mov" autostart=false loop=false>

CLICK HERE for a PDF file of the update.
You may possess one copy for personal use.
Contact me for permission to duplicate or to perform it for any audience or congregation.
If you like it, please take a moment to tell me! DrSpeedbump@DrSpeedbump.com

This song and other compositions of mine can be found on FREE-SCORES.com