Dr Speedbump's trivial topic today is MUSIC HISTORY.
Get ready for some tuneful tidbits that they don't teach you in MUSIC 102.

QUESTIONS (Scroll down for the answers, if you care.)

Q1 -- Why did P. Westendorf write I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen ? For whom?
Q2 -- The Star Spangled Banner borrowed the tune of what song?
Q3 -- What was the longest song title ever published?
Q4 -- Who was Matilda in the 1903 song, Waltzing Matilda?
Q5 -- Who was Mother Goose? And why is this music trivia?
Q6 -- Where did the Yale Glee Club get the Wiffenpoof for the Whiffenpoof Song?
Q7 -- Who was willing to admit that he wrote Would You Rather be a Colonel with an Eagle on Your Shoulder, or a Private with a Chicken on Your Knee?
Q8 -- Why was Over The Rainbow deleted (3 times) from The Wizard of Oz?
Q9 -- Was Tom Dooley guilty?
Q10 -- Who ate Napoleans with Josephine when Bonaparte was away?


A1 -- He wrote it in Kentucky for his homesick wife -- to cheer her up. However, his wife's name was Jennie.
A2 -- To Anacreon in Heaven (c1780-1783)
A3 -- I'm Looking for a Guy Who Plays Alto and Baritone and Doubles on a Clarinet and Wears a Size Thirty-Seven Suit. (1941. O. Nelson)
A4 -- Not Who? but What? Matilda was a knapsack.
A5 -- Her maiden name was Elizabeth Foster. Born in Massachusetts in 1665. Married Isaac Goose c. 1685. She sang nursery rhymes to her infant grandson. Her son-in-law (Thomas Fleet) published them as Mother Goose's Melodies for Children. Mother Goose died in 1757.
A6 -- A Whiffenpoof is a fantasy creature from Victor Herbert's operetta, Little Nemo.
A7 -- Sidney Mitchell. It was performed in the Ziegfield Follies of 1919.
A8 -- The Front Office and the Publisher objected to the octave leap.
A9 -- He wasn't even Tom Dooley. He was Tom Dula, lover of both Laura Fester and her cousin, Ann Melton. (This already looks like big trouble.) Tom, the poor boy, was convicted of Laura's murder and hanged in 1868 -- but Ann confessed.
A10. I really don't know. (But that was the title of 1920 song from As You Were.)

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