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The Attention Deficit Compan
David's First Psongbook

Previously unpublished psalms, which David (or Goliath) presumably threw into the Dead Psea when all the Publican publisher's had turned it down. With a title like "PSALM-ENCHANTED EVENING", that's no surprise. Some melodies might have helped. At least chord tablature for lyre or lute, don't you think?

PSALM 118:24A

David wrote this psalm when he was having a bad day in the midst of ignorant, gleeful, frolicking shallow people in frocks, foolishly rejoicing and naively being glad Ö at a toga party. Ugh! Get real.

This is the day the Lord has made,
but letís not get too overjoyed Ė
for minute-by-minute itís destined to fade
and once itís gone by Ö itís destroyed!


Yea, though my fetid feet smell worse
Than the underside of an old camel's tail
And the pustules on my face are oozing
I shall not lose faith in the Lord
For He has blessed me and protects me.
No mortal being, neither my wife nor the wicked
Will approach within ten cubits
As malodorous and repulsive as I am.